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This month’s Alumnus of the Month spotlight belongs to

Rebecca "Becca" Ward Fletcher, Class of 1994.

Rebecca "Becca" (Ward) Fletcher currently lives in Jacksonville, IL with her husband, Adam, and their two dogs: Dutch and Sonny.  After graduating from Routt, Becca continued her education at Illinois College, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in 1999. Becca wanted to further her education even more, so she went on and graduated with her Master of Social Work degree from Saint Louis University in 2002. 

Becca became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the state of Illinois in 2005 and has been employed for almost 11 years at Northern Illinois University as a Clinical Screener with the Integrated Assessment Program, a contracted program with the Department of Children and Family Services.  As a Clinical Screener, Becca interviews people involved in the child welfare system and writes court documents regarding recommendations for the reunification process.  Becca also is a court appointed mediator for the 7th and 8th judicial court districts; she and a partner started W.W. Mediation which has been providing mediation services for 9 years specializing in child related issues.  In addition to mediation, Becca recently began providing individual and group therapy at Park Place Center in Jacksonville, IL. 

In her free time, Becca serves on the Jacksonville Children’s Foundation Board of Directors, as well as the Jacksonville Are Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Board of Directors. She enjoys “trying to garden and attempting to keep her flowers alive”, traveling with her husband, spending time outdoors with her dogs, and making homemade dog treats. For anyone interested in checking out her products, they can find it on Facebook under Dutch Treats. Check it out today!

Becca’s favorite memories at Routt include “playing the jukebox in the lounge before and after school, art class with Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Merris wearing mismatched shoes to school more than once, homecoming week, fall football games, and being late or running to almost every class because of talking at my locker for too long.”  She feels Routt prepared her for the ‘real world’ in so many ways, including “being prompt (which I still struggle with), being prepared, taking pride in a job done well, and taking responsibility when mistakes happen,” says Becca. Becca continues to give back to Routt, she even served on the RCHS Board of Directors from 2014-2017. “When I was asked to join the Board, it was at a point in my life when I needed the Routt community, although I did not know it at the time.  It was an amazing opportunity and experience to really see the inner workings of Routt and to work alongside people who care for Routt as much as I do.” 


Becca feels that Routt shaped her life and continues to do so today. “I feel that Routt’s mission statement and instilling the value of service to others has influenced my social work career.  Some of the most important people in my life are associated with Our Saviour Grade School, Routt Catholic High School, and church; shout out to my mom (Mrs. Joan Ward) and Kerris Osborn!!! Lastly, I really want to thank the Routt community (teachers, staff, parents, peers, and students) for giving me and continuing to bless me with a foundation I can rely on and always go back to.”   

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