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This month’s Alumnus of the Month spotlight belongs to

Dan Savage, Class of 1999.

Dan is the son of Chuck and Diane Savage of Jacksonville, and the older brother of three Routt graduates: Tim (‘02), Joanie (’05), and Kevin (’09).


Following his graduation from Routt, Dan attended Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH for his undergraduate studies. After college he spent the next three years in Morocco. The first two years in Northern Africa he was a Peace Corps Volunteer, and the third year he studied the impact of urban migration on Berber Culture while on a Fulbright Scholarship, one of the most prestigious and competitive fellowship programs in which someone can be accepted. It was in Morocco where Dan met his wife Pamela, who was also traveling as a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship.


At the end of his third year in Morocco, Dan and Pamela decided to move to Philadelphia where she taught high school English with Teach for America and Dan completed a pre-med program at the University of Pennsylvania. The two got married in 2009 and shortly thereafter Dan started medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dan spent the next four years completing his medical degree, immediately followed by four years of residency training in Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. In 2018 he found himself ready to officially start his career as a physician.


Dan has found his way back home to central Illinois, currently living in Springfield, IL with his wife Pamela, their two boys, Ray, aged 4, and Leo, aged 9 months, and their dog, Buddy. Dan works as a physician in the Emergency Department at both Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, IL and Passavant Area Hospital in Jacksonville, IL. “As an ER Physician I have the privilege of taking care of whomever walks through the door,” says Dan. “Every day is different but they are all rewarding and challenging in their own ways.”



When asked about his time at Routt, Dan is thankful for the “well-rounded education that has served as the foundation for everything I have been fortunate enough to accomplish since graduating in 1999.” Dan particularly enjoyed the small class sizes, as well as the opportunity to play on several different sports teams. While he has many memories of his time at Routt, “one that sticks out the most was lunch. Specifically, every day for four years, every guy in my grade sat and ate lunch together. There were no cliques or groups – if you were in our grade, you belonged at our table.” Dan continued, “I feel like that small part of the day completely sums up how I view Routt – as an inclusive and uplifting high school that pushes everyone to be successful in whatever way they choose.”

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