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This month’s Alumnus of the Month spotlight belongs to

Ron Flynn, Class of 1986.


Hello, my name is Ron Flynn and I graduated from Routt High School in 1986.  I live in New York City with my wife Meena and our two kids Jack (9) and Anya (7).  I work at J.P. Morgan where I am responsible for originating and marketing high grade debt globally.  In this capacity I work with multi-national companies, international banks and certain structured finance issuers to raise capital from institutional money managers and investors.  I find the work challenging and interesting; challenging because it is highly competitive and interesting because it involves the markets.  I love staying abreast of the markets and enjoy learning how economic, political  and other factors affect the prices of both financial and fixed assets. I also think of my work as somewhat akin to sports whereby the client pitches and investor meetings are ‘game day’ opportunities and the market research and pitch book writing are the practice time.  I travel quite a lot with my job and when I’m not on the road I’m on the phone or prepping / following up for upcoming / prior meetings.  I have been at J.P. Morgan for nearly 27 years.


Prior to life in New York City, I attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated in 1990.  Afterward I taught math and science at St. Raymond’s High School Boys in the Bronx, NY and coached the JV basketball team.  During this time, I lived with the De La Salle Christian Brothers and learned firsthand about life within a vowed religious community.  These were tremendous experiences, and ones that I would highly recommend to any young person seeking a new perspective and a fun way to get involved.  Thereafter I attended graduate school at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland where I studied economics and travelled throughout Europe.  Nowadays, nearly all of my free time is spent with the kids doing homework at the kitchen counter, attending soccer games and practices, or riding horses in upstate New York.  I particularly enjoy the latter as it gets us out from the concrete and asphalt of the city, connects the kids to nature, and reminds me a lot of my time as a child on our family farm east of Jacksonville.


What made Routt such a unique and positive experience in my life?  Well, at the risk of sounding cliché, it was most definitely the people and the tight knit community.  I learned a lot from my classmates (teamwork and friendship), my teachers (the 3 R’s of education as well as curiosity), and the parents (commitment and love).  Routt is a special place for sure; folks often comment to me that they are surprised to hear that I am still close with so many friends from high school, and that I attend sporting events and still visit my high school principal when I am home.  While I may live in Gotham City, many of my heroes still hail from home.

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