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      At Routt Catholic High School, we recognize that extra-curricular activites provide a special opportunity for learning outside of the classroom. The school offers many extra-curricular activities to promote leadership skills, team building, and to give students the chance to have fun.



   Routt hosts two Fine Arts Extravaganzas each year, one in the winter and one in the spring.  The Extravaganzas highlight the accomplishments of our fine arts students, featuring a band performance, art display, and a student play. + READ MORE



Routt plays Basketball and Volleyball games in the Routt Dome.  The Rocket Football team plays their varsity home games at the Illinois College football field.  Baseball games are played at Alumni Field, Softball is played at a newly renovated YMCA field, and Swimming events are primarily held at Illinois College, and the Jacksonville Country Club, but occasionally they are at other locations in town.  + READ MORE

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