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This month’s Alumnus of the Month spotlight belongs to

Tyler Blair, Class of 2012

Tyler is the son of Brad and Sherry Blair of Jacksonville. Following his time at Routt, Tyler attended Illinois State University where he received his Bachelors of Science degree in Athletic Training. Desiring even more education, Tyler then went on to attend the California University of Pennsylvania where he completed his Masters of Science in Athletic Training.


Immediately after college, Tyler found himself with an internship with the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball organization through their Athletic Training program. He held the position for three years and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “This was my first position out of college as a certified athletic trainer”, says Tyler. “It helped me grow as an athletic trainer and confirmed my decision in wanting to continue a career in professional baseball.” And continue his career in professional baseball, he has!


After three years with the Pirates, Tyler was offered a position with the Minnesota Twins organization as a Minor League Certified Athletic Trainer. In working for a major league baseball program, Tyler finds himself moving around a lot for work, spending about 8 months of the year at various locations depending on where he is needed, and the rest of his time is spent at home in Jacksonville, IL where he is resting up preparing for the next season. He has spent time in Elizabethton, TN with the Twins’ Appalachian League affiliate, the Elizabethton Twins, as well as time in Cedar Rapids, IA with the Twins’ Midwest League affiliate, the Cedar Rapids Kernels. His location for the upcoming season? He will have to wait to find out! 


As a Minor League Certified Athletic Trainer, Tyler’s role is primarily rehabilitation and prevention of injuries with his athletes. “This includes creating prevention programs, evaluating injured athletes, and implementing a rehab program to help get them back on the field after an injury”, explains Tyler. Tyler has also been tasked with some additional duties along the way, such as logistics regarding travel as well as managing finances.


When asked about his time at Routt Catholic, Tyler believes that Routt had an excellent way of preparing him to have a successful career by helping him learn the importance of relationships. “Routt taught me skills on how to be the best person I could be; Routt taught me how to truly connect with others.” When asked about his favorite memory at Routt, Tyler says that the close relationships he was able to build in such a small, family-like environment are something that not everyone gets the opportunity to experience in high school, and he feels very fortunate to have had that opportunity. Along with his positive experience at Routt Catholic High School, Tyler also has a level of support around him for which he is incredibly grateful. “I would like to thank my family, my girlfriend, and my friends, all for helping me get to this stage in my life”, says Tyler. “Without their constant support I would not see the level of success in which I am currently experiencing.”


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